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Derrick Suarez - CV

The Person

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer creating dynamic, responsive web apps with the user's experience in mind. I'm passionate about finding creative ways to solve problems and thrive in social situations. From my experience of living abroad for two years, I have no problem putting myself in a challenging and unfamiliar situation. I enjoy listening to music, cooking, traveling, playing golf, and have performed five wedding ceremonies. I'd love to talk more with you about any and all of this and find out more about your company.

Originally from Sulphur, LA, I've been a resident of the great city of Austin, TX for more than two years now. I love this city for so many reasons; you can find great food, hiking, downtown life, live music, and all within a half hour's drive.

The Developer

Ever since we got our first computer from RadioShack way back in...probably, 1996, I've been interested in computers and how they work. I remember taking apart our early computers and installing new video cards so that they could run new games, like © Dark Age of Camelot, which was so much fun. Just the feeling of opening the CPU tower, installing that new graphics card, and getting it to work correctly was a great one; it felt like I was "hacking" my system!

I took my first coding class in ninth grade. We did some pretty basic stuff with languages like Pascal, C++, and Visual Basic (haha...see what I did there?!?). The feeling of getting those little programs to work correctly was ten fold the satisfaction as the graphics card installation. I wrote something and the computer behaved like it was supposed to; now that was really cool.

Regrettably, the main reason why I didn't go to college for a CS degree was...the Math. I was afraid. I looked at the prospectus for a Bachelor's in CS at LSU and thought "Wow, that's a lot of math" and made a 180° turn to, of all things, classical languages (mostly Latin).

It wasn't until many years later that I realized that the skills I gained in learning Latin, which is a complicated language in and of itself (it takes some pretty higher-order analytical skills to break down and make sense of a large chunk of literature from Cicero or Suetonius), could be translatable to coding. Breaking down larger sets of problems into smaller ones. Figuring out how the pieces of whatever entity fit together to produce the whole.

When I found out about the Coding Bootcamp at UT Austin, I thought "Well, I've learned Latin; I've learned Spanish; Javascript is just another language, with a bunch of syntax, and the analytical side of Latin will directly relate to learning Javascript...this sounds perfect!" So I decided to take the leap. As of writing this (7/5/2016), we are about halfway through and I've loved the experience so far. Sure, I definitely could have learned the curriculum on my own from the Internets, but I've really gotten a lot out of the guidance that my instructors, the TAs, and my classmates have offered and I wouldn't give that back for anything.

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